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Dj Venus Vibes DE (Purple Hexagon Records)
Venus Vibes made Koh Phangan Thailand her tropical home since 2004. Over the last 10 years , she established herself as one of Koh Phangan’s busiest DJ’s , whilst still remaining true to the original underground spirit.
Drawing from the many mystical energies of her tropical tribal haven, Venus cooked up her own particular potion of funkadelic freakiness, infecting hearts and minds the World over, with her extravagantly deep and skilfully composed DJ sets.
Living amongst the musical diversity of Koh Phangan’s dance floor sounds, she’s developed an open minded approach to the art of DJ’ing. Venus see’s her profession as a ongoing mission to become a catalyst able to introduce transcendent states of mind and body, through subtle manipulation of frequency and groove.
Her reputation and message has been steadily spreading throughout the Asian Region; celebrating two successful tours of Japan , a 3 city tour of China 2013, and various bookings in Bangkok, Singapore and Bali.
During one of her DJ sets on her first Japanese Tour, Venus experienced such a powerful musical epiphany, it left her with an intense desire to deepen her elemental understanding of Psychedelic Trance. This inspiration led to the creation of the project “Nutkase”, together with her partner DJ Paul Taylor. Right from their very first track, their combined talents and influences seemed to crystallise into an exciting fusion of infinite possibilities. Together they translate the true Goa Spirit into a modern context, utilising the full spectrum of Venus Vibes phenomenal mixing abilities. Their first single “Gone Troppo” was released on Mutagen Record’s U.K “Mutated Frequencies” in 2013, and their currently busy working on their next release.

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