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ADRENOCHROME also known as Marc Behnke

The Label Head and Owner of Pulsonique Records was born 1982 in the Black Forest, wich is located in the South of Germany.
His Homebase is Zürich in Switzerland.

Since he was young , he was always interested in music, and in 1998 he bought his first Dj equipment as he got
really quickly hooked on electronic music.
After a few years of daily intensive training in the art of mixing, he got his first gigs in some local clubs and outdoor parties in the south of Germany.
He first was known as "Whaity"(Ton Illusion), and was his DJ name in the Scene till 2003. After that he changed his name to Dj Hank, and in 2005 he decided to move his base to live next to Zürich in Switzerland where he got the right musical influence and inspiration to build up his career as Dj and Producer.
At the end of 2006 he became a member and artist of the "Fantasy Island" crew, which is a local label of Switzerland, and was able to play at many events around Switzerland like:............. At the end of 2008 he decided to go to a little magic island, located in the gulf of Thailand, called Koh Phangan, and through his good friend,DJ Venus Vibes, he was able to blast on almost all of the main events the Island had to offer, such as: Jungle Exp., Shivamoon Party,Ban Sabaii, Moonset party at the legendary Pirate Bar and Anahatta Lounge. After his many amazing and powerful sets, he got the chance to play at Thailand´s biggest trance festival, The Experience Festival in 2009, which is held over the New Years period on Koh Phangan’s smaller neighbour Island; Koh Tao. The inspirational experience he had whilst in Thailand , gave him all the creativity he needed to continue on with his musical Journey back home in Switzerland, and in the process of doing so, began to get deeper and deeper into producing a high BPM psychedelic sound which became to be known as ”High Tech"

Almost at the same time, his best friend “Enrico Kaelin” aka “Hyperactive 25” established a new label, called “Freak Records”, which nowadays remains one of the most reknown High Tech labels around the globe. Very pleased to have hooked up , Marc became a proud member under his new artist name “Adrenochrome” as well as starting a new project called “Hyperchrome” which is a collaboration between with Hyperactive 25. Their first track, called Freaky Friday(Extraterrestrial rmx), was released on “Maniac Psycho Pro”, and was on a compilation “V/A Extra solar planets compiled by Extraterrestrial in 2015.

-updates follow soon-

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